Stuff for Makers

Here at NoodleCrafters, we like to make some of our own tools. We'd rather other new shops not have to re-invent the wheel, so here are some designs for other stores to use freely, for 3D printing.

Vase Mode Split Pour Cups

Split pour cups are amazing for pouring paint and other crafts liquids. However, some existing designs aren't suited to the viscosity of liquids like silicone. Designed with an angled pouring spout and even chamber volumes, this cup aims to make split color pouring much nicer.

These cups are designed to be printed with spiral vase mode, to save you (and the Earth) both plastic and TIME). You can feasibly print 2-3 large split cups within 24 hours, even at modest speeds.

Basic Suction Cup Maker

Need something as simple as a dimple in your toy for suction cups? These will do. Just place on top after pouring and the resulting dimple will often do a good-enough job as a suction cup. Default scale will make a 4cm wide dimple in a toy.

Print will require post-processing and smoothing before being safe to use with toys. Do not cure silicone against unsmoothed 3D prints, for sanitary/safety reasons.

Dong Dreamer Discord Bot

A nifty little bot to generate random fantasy toy prompts in your Discord server. Use !DreamDong and the bot will think of something neat!