Frequently Asked Questions

Toy Production

Q. What do you make your toys with?

A. We make our toys with platinum cure silicones from Smooth-On.

Q. Do you do customs?

A. We do not currently do custom pours, due to lack of time. They're fun, but it is more sustainable for us to pour toys in batches rather than one-at-a-time.

Q. When will you restock?

A. We will try to restock when our shop inventory is relatively low or empty. We have limited space in the shop, so we don't have a ton of room to keep making toys if there is still stock.

Q. What does shore hardness mean?

A. Shore hardness is a scale of how soft a material is. In silicone toy context, you'll see 3 hardnesses from this shop:

  • Shore 00-30 (soft)

  • Shore 00-50 (medium)

  • Shore 10A (firm, rare for us)

The hardness of your toy may vary slightly even when poured from the same type of silicone. Toy size can also effect the relative feel of how hard a toy is.

Q. Why do you drop toys rather than post them as you make them?

A. Processing all toys at once is easier for us to do. Plus, the indie toy community is used to drop-type stores, and people can get really hyped for a drop. We try to telegraph our drop dates in advance with a drop preview, so that you can better plan for a NoodleCrafters store drop.

Q. What is a flop?

A. A flop is a toy that we consider still usable but might require special cleaning and care procedures due to a manufacturing flaw. They are sold at a significant discount. Anything beyond a flop that ventures into non-safe territory is just not sold at all.

Q. What is Near Clear?

A. Near Clear is a relatively new mixture of silicone available from Smooth On. It is more transparent than the usual Ecoflex silicones but is harder to work with. It tends to be more expensive than more traditional indie toy silicones and can harden more after boiling. We work with it on occasion for special effects, but not as often as Ecoflex.

Q. Do you do confetti pours?

A. We do not currently do confetti pours. They are pretty, but we do not currently have enough experience with them to reliably and safely make them. They're very sensitive to timing in manufacturing.

Q. Do you hand paint any toys?

A. On occasion, we will paint more intricate designs in our molds before doing the rest of the pour if we have a particular theme or design in mind.

Toy Concept Creation

Q. What software do you use?

A. We use a mix of the following (depending on the design):

  • Autodesk 3DS Max

  • Autodesk Meshmixer

  • Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Zbrush

  • Blender (rarely)

Q. What happened to X toy concept that you posted on Twitter? I haven't seen anything from it.

A. Sometimes a concept gets put on the shelf for a while due to time constraints, complexity, feasibility, and safety concerns. Some things just take a long time to iron out the details of. Sometimes projects just get dropped. We are experimenters by nature.

Orders and Shipping

Q. Do you ship discreetly?

A. Yes! We ship in plain or Walmart/Staples branded cardboard boxes, without the full store name on the package. In addition to this, we pack everything in the box inside a containment bag, just in case the box is damaged in shipping. That way, even if the box does need retaping after a particularly rough trip, the contents won't be revealed.

Q. How long will it take to ship my order?

A. While we officially list the toy with 2 week shipping times on Etsy, we will try our best to have the toy out within 3 days of the order. Most of the time it is shipped next-day, but larger drops may have to wait until Saturday.

Q. Do you take returns?

A. We do not take returns due to the nature of our products. However, if you do have a concern or problem with your toy, please reach out to us. We'll do our best to make it right.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes! We tack on a $25 charge for international shipping. This may change as global shipping charges increase.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. Orders may be cancelled within 2 hours of placing the order.

Toy Care

Q. How do I clean my toys?

A. You can wash your toys with an antimicrobial soap, making sure to get in all crevices. If you'd like a more intense sanitation, you can also opt to soak your toy in bleach OR boil a toy in hot water for 5-8 minutes. The latter two methods are recommended if you intend to resell your toy and want to ensure it has been sanitized.

Q. What lubricants can I use?

A. Please only use water-based lubricants with platinum cure silicone toys. Oil and silicone based lubricants have been known to damage toys and we cannot guarantee the performance of any water-silicone hybrid lubricants either.

Q. How should I store my toy?

A. You can store your NoodleCrafters toy safely with other platinum silicone toys. It's best to store away from UV light sources to avoid discoloration over time. Do not store toys with jelly/tpu/metals as this may react with the toy chemically.

Q. How do you ensure your toys are safe?

A. We make sure that our toys are carefully designed for people's anatomy, are relatively easy to clean, and we take care to ensure that the final product is free from production defects that would make it harder to clean. After creating a new mold, we inspect the first toy that comes out of it for any flaws that might irritate the end user or wind up being hard to clean due to mold defects. We will take this first pour and rub pigment powders on it, and watch for any

General Shop Questions

Q. Where are your toys made?

A. Our toys are made in our production room, in our home, in the sunny city of Jacksonville, FL.

Q. Pets and an adult toy shop under the same roof?

A. We are a pet-friendly household (1 cat), but the shop space is separated by a series of baby gates, plastic zipper doors, and general anti-contamination practices to ensure the toy-making space is kept far away from any potential outside contaminants.

Q. How will I know what's in a drop before it happens?

A. We try our best to upload pictures of all toys to the Drop Preview section of our site. Check it out at

Q. Do you have stickers?

We do! We provide a sticker with every order.