Introduction to Our Materials

Welcome to our materials overview! Here, we aim to provide both makers and customers with a clear understanding of the components that we use to make our toys.

Platinum Cure Silicones

Ecoflex 00-50 and Ecoflex 00-30: 

   What is it? Ecoflex is a series of platinum-cured silicones by Smooth-On that are known for their superb softness and stretchability. 

   Usage: We use these materials are often used for creating the toys themselves, ensuring that they are body-safe and durable. Platinum-cured silicones like Ecoflex are hypoallergenic and inert to the human body. This means they won't cause allergic reactions and won’t leach harmful chemicals during use. They are also easy to sterilize in boiling water or a bleach solution, allowing for a safe second-hand market.

Rebound 25 and Mold Star 20T:

   What is it? Both are silicones by Smooth-On used in moldmaking.

   Usage: These products are essential for creating molds from master models, capturing all details down to the surface texture. 20T (with Slo-Jo additive) is first poured over the model 2 times to create an interior mold surface free from air bubbles, and rebound 25 is used to build up the rest of the glove mold.

Mann Ease Release 200:

   What is it? A release agent by Mann Release Technologies that ensures molds and materials don't stick to each other.

   Usage: It is sprayed onto molds before the silicone is poured, facilitating easy demolding and extending mold life.

Silicone Coloring

Silc Pig Silicone Pigments:

   What is it? Pigments by Smooth-On specifically designed for coloring silicone.

   Usage: These pigments are added to the silicone before it's cured to give toys a range of colors and appearances. We use the standard Smooth-On silc-pig pigments and the electric series for fluorescent colors.

TKB Mica Powders:

   What is it? Fine shimmering powders used for coloration and sparkly effects.

   Usage: They are mixed into the silicone to achieve a sparkling or metallic effect in the toys. We choose TKB mica powders under 100um, rated lip & eye safe, and that are free from ingredients that might cause issues with the silicone.

Silicone Additives

Slo-Jo Curing Agent:

   What is it? An additive by Smooth-On that slows down the curing process of silicone.

   Usage: Useful in projects where you need more time to work with the silicone before it starts to set. By ensuring the silicone doesn't cure too quickly during degassing and pouring, Slo-Jo ensures that the final product is free from unwanted air bubbles.


   What is it? A silicone thickening agent by Smooth-On.

   Usage: Used to thicken silicone for tasks like painting inside of molds or for controlling viscosity during mold-making.

3D Printing and Finishing

Prusament ASA:

   What is it? A type of 3D printing filament made by Prusa Polymers.

   Usage: We chose this filament for creating toy models because it’s easier to sand and fix compared to other filaments like PLA. What we really love about this filament brand is that each roll comes with a QR code with an associated tech sheet so that you can look up roll-specific properties, including deviation in thickness over the roll. 


   What is it? A resin coating by Smooth-On designed for smoothing 3D printed objects.

   Usage: Applied to FDM prints to smooth out layer lines and imperfections. This is the first and biggest step from taking a 3D printed design full of layer lines and small holes, to a clean, smooth surface. It is not fool-proof however, and needs  a good deal of sanding to take the toy the rest of the way. Makers have to be careful to not over-apply it, as it will also smooth out small subtle details.

Zona Papers:

   What is it? Fine-grit sanding and polishing papers by Zona Tool Company.

   Usage: Used for sanding and polishing 3D prints to achieve a smooth finish. These are crucial to giving us a smooth, consistent surface when post-processing our 3D printed master models.

Mod Podge Spray Sealers (Matte and Gloss):

   What is it? Spray sealers by Mod Podge that give a final protective finish.

   Usage: Used on master models to provide a consistent final matte or gloss surface texture.


Panclub Plastic Bristle Chip Brushes:

   What is it? Durable brushes with plastic bristles by Panclub.

   Usage: We prefer these brushes for their resistance to shedding bristles during mold making or when applying resin on prints.